Thailand, Floating market, Damnern Saduak, photo: thaila105 Photo copyright Lee Foster,, 510/549-2202,

Thailand, Floating market, Damnern Saduak, photo: thaila105 – photo copyright Lee Foster,, 510/549-2202,

Thanks to everyone who submitted a story for BATW’s upcoming publication, BATW Travel Features and Photos: Taste of Travel. We had so many excellent entries that we couldn’t fit them all into one book, so we decided to publish two Taste of Travel books.

The first is now available. It brings readers more than three dozen stories and photo essays, taking them to exciting, often exotic, destinations both here and abroad. Judith Horstman’s Blueberry Memories recalls warm summer days picking the delectable berries with friends and family in New Hampshire. Jan and Stuart Wilson’s Festival of Food: Gilroy, California’s Garlic Capital not only gives a greater appreciation of the “stinking rose” in all its appearances (bruschetta to ice cream), but also of the region’s other riches–such as fruit and wine. April Orcutt’s Peru Beyond Cuy and Potatoes: Food as a Tool for Social Change demonstrates some benefits of cultural exchange–travelers gain a greater appreciation of an indigenous Peruvian culture and food, and the Quechua experiment with growing a wider variety of crops and offering an increasingly appealing selection of foods to visitors. In Laurie MacAndish King’s Your Crocodile Has Arrived, King scans a menu in the Australian Outback to find a dish that sounds exotic, but not too scary.

You can download this exceptional publication as a free PDF here (no strings attached; with many photos, it’s a big file, so please give it time to download). You can also purchase the 4-color printed book.

The second Taste of Travel book should be available early in summer 2017. Stay tuned for more information.

Questions? Contact Susan Alcorn: or 510-339-6616.


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  • Adkins, Madeleine: Buttery Dessert from Heaven…Brittany
  • Aksamit, Inga: Alfresco Dining in the High Sierra
  • Alcorn, Susan: Food for the Pacific Crest Trail Hiker
  • Alcorn, Susan: Raclette Demystified
  • Alpine, Lisa: Kayaks, Castles, and Kielbasas
  • Alpine, Lisa: Sole Food
  • Aragone, Joan: Discovering Street Food in Beijing
  • Auger, Al: Hemingway Slept Here
  • Brett, Cori: The Deeper Meaning Behind Ordering…China
  • Broydo, Lina: A Dazzling Soiree at the White House: President Obama Hosts Dinner for China’s President Xi.
  • Butler, Jacqueline Harmon: A Venetian Adventure
  • Butler, Jacqueline Harmon: Fire of Mt. Etna
  • Butler, Jacqueline Harmon: Progressive Dinner
  • Canter, Carol: Barge Crossing on France’s Canal du Midi
  • Canter, Carol: Chef Patricia Quintana at Festival Gourmet International Riviera Nayarit
  • Caslavka Deinzer, Erin: Veggies—Not Vampires—In Rural Transylvania
  • Caslavka Deinzer, Erin: Rural Romania
  • Compisi, John: Culinary Magic in Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella, VeronaValpolicella, Italy
  • Compisi, John: Feasting and Fêting through la Toscana e l’Umbria
  • Conrady, Monica: Christmas Pudding
  • Conrady, Monica: The Most English of Restaurant Institutions
  • Cooper, Bob: Boredom-Free Bordeaux
  • Covington-Carter, Diane: Le Chalet De L’Aulp, Reblochon and Tomme Cheese Dairy…
  • Daley, Lee: Downtown Napa: Sipping and Savoring
  • Daley, Lee: Head Down East for Maine Lobster
  • Deutsch, Laura: A Slice o Life & Olio Nuovo
  • Deutsch, Laura: The Zen of Cooking
  • Foster, Lee: Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto Today
  • Gelfand, Joan: Bangkok Street Food
  • Granahan, Andrea: Kalo Nero (Good Water)
  • Greitzer, David: The Great Shwarma Hunt
  • Greitzer, David: Slaughter Plate Anyone? Tales from the Volksfest in Stuttgart
    Hansen, Carolyn: Gourmet Delights with Powerhiking
  • Hennig, Wanda: Don’t Talk Tripe: Porto, Portugal
  • Hennig, Wanda: Na zdrowie! A Little Shot of Poland
  • Horstman, Judith: Blueberry Memories
  • Jordan, Dick: “Eating” Europe: “Let them eat cake!”
  • King, Laurie M.: From Guinea Pigs to Great Wine…
  • King, Laurie M.: Your Crocodile Tail Has Arrived
  • Latham, Laure: In Search of Fish Nirvana in Iceland
  • Laws, David A.: Fish, Veg & Wine: Exploring the Bounty of Monterey County
  • LeBow, Diane: London’s Soho
  • LeBow, Diane: Tenuto Seliano…Water Buffalo
  • Levin, Stephanie: Chef Didier
  • Levin, Stephanie: Oh la la, Oysters
  • Mann, Beverly: An Authentic Taste of Palermo, Sicily
  • Mann, Beverly: A True Taste of Kauai: Savoring the South Shore
  • Meyers, Carole Terwilliger: Art Tea at the Merrion
  • Meyers, Carole Terwilliger: Souvenir Foods of Mendocino
  • Older, Jules: Definer Dishes
  • Older, Jules: In Defense of Fast Food Chains…
  • Orcutt, April: Peru Beyond Cuy and Potatoes: Food as a Tool for Social Change
  • Orcutt, April: Do-it-yourself Foodie Tour in Kona on Hawai’i Island
  • Peck, Donna: Taipei: The Lost Day
  • Poimiroo, John: California Rambling: Bracebridge Dinner
  • Poimiroo, John: California Rambling: Tea Party
  • Rodriguez, Suzie: My Dinners with Louis XIV and the Lost Generation
  • Scott, Alec: Polygot Port [Oakland Food Scene]
  • Steinberg, Barbara L.: A taste of Yuba-Sutter Counties
  • VanHatten, Wendy: When in Venice…Cantina Do Mori
  • VanHatten, Wendy: Ride of the 5 Senses
  • Wilson, Janet and Stuart: Venerable Vineyards
  • Wilson, Janet and Stuart: Festival of Food: Gilroy, California’s Garlic Capital
  • Wilson, Janet and Stuart: Savoring the Rhone