Thailand, Floating market, Damnern Saduak, photo: thaila105 Photo copyright Lee Foster,, 510/549-2202,

Thailand, Floating market, Damnern Saduak, photo: thaila105 – photo copyright Lee Foster,, 510/549-2202,

Thanks to everyone who submitted a story for BATW’s upcoming publication, BATW Travel Features and Photos: Taste of Travel.

The final entrants are listed below.

Questions? Contact Susan Alcorn: or 510-339-6616.


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  • Adkins, Madeleine: Buttery Dessert from Heaven…Brittany
  • Aksamit, Inga: Alfresco Dining in the High Sierra
  • Alcorn, Susan: Food for the Pacific Crest Trail Hiker
  • Alcorn, Susan: Raclette Demystified
  • Alpine, Lisa: Kayaks, Castles, and Kielbasas
  • Alpine, Lisa: Sole Food
  • Aragone, Joan: Discovering Street Food in Beijing
  • Auger, Al: Hemingway Slept Here
  • Brett, Cori: The Deeper Meaning Behind Ordering…China
  • Broydo, Lina: A Dazzling Soiree at the White House: President Obama Hosts Dinner for China’s President Xi.
  • Butler, Jacqueline Harmon: A Venetian Adventure
  • Butler, Jacqueline Harmon: Fire of Mt. Etna
  • Butler, Jacqueline Harmon: Progressive Dinner
  • Canter, Carol: Barge Crossing on France’s Canal du Midi
  • Canter, Carol: Chef Patricia Quintana at Festival Gourmet International Riviera Nayarit
  • Caslavka Deinzer, Erin: Veggies—Not Vampires—In Rural Transylvania
  • Caslavka Deinzer, Erin: Rural Romania
  • Compisi, John: Culinary Magic in Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella, VeronaValpolicella, Italy
  • Compisi, John: Feasting and Fêting through la Toscana e l’Umbria
  • Conrady, Monica: Christmas Pudding
  • Conrady, Monica: The Most English of Restaurant Institutions
  • Cooper, Bob: Boredom-Free Bordeaux
  • Covington-Carter, Diane: Le Chalet De L’Aulp, Reblochon and Tomme Cheese Dairy…
  • Daley, Lee: Downtown Napa: Sipping and Savoring
  • Daley, Lee: Head Down East for Maine Lobster
  • Deutsch, Laura: A Slice o Life & Olio Nuovo
  • Deutsch, Laura: The Zen of Cooking
  • Foster, Lee: Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto Today
  • Gelfand, Joan: Bangkok Street Food
  • Granahan, Andrea: Kalo Nero (Good Water)
  • Greitzer, David: The Great Shwarma Hunt
  • Greitzer, David: Slaughter Plate Anyone? Tales from the Volksfest in Stuttgart
    Hansen, Carolyn: Gourmet Delights with Powerhiking
  • Hennig, Wanda: Don’t Talk Tripe: Porto, Portugal
  • Hennig, Wanda: Na zdrowie! A Little Shot of Poland
  • Horstman, Judith: Blueberry Memories
  • Jordan, Dick: “Eating” Europe: “Let them eat cake!”
  • King, Laurie M.: From Guinea Pigs to Great Wine…
  • King, Laurie M.: Your Crocodile Tail Has Arrived
  • Latham, Laure: In Search of Fish Nirvana in Iceland
  • Laws, David A.: Fish, Veg & Wine: Exploring the Bounty of Monterey County
  • LeBow, Diane: London’s Soho
  • LeBow, Diane: Tenuto Seliano…Water Buffalo
  • Levin, Stephanie: Chef Didier
  • Levin, Stephanie: Oh la la, Oysters
  • Mann, Beverly: An Authentic Taste of Palermo, Sicily
  • Mann, Beverly: A True Taste of Kauai: Savoring the South Shore
  • Meyers, Carole Terwilliger: Art Tea at the Merrion
  • Meyers, Carole Terwilliger: Souvenir Foods of Mendocino
  • Older, Jules: Definer Dishes
  • Older, Jules: In Defense of Fast Food Chains…
  • Orcutt, April: Peru Beyond Cuy and Potatoes: Food as a Tool for Social Change
  • Orcutt, April: Do-it-yourself Foodie Tour in Kona on Hawai’i Island
  • Peck, Donna: Taipei: The Lost Day
  • Poimiroo, John: California Rambling: Bracebridge Dinner
  • Poimiroo, John: California Rambling: Tea Party
  • Rodriguez, Suzie: My Dinners with Louis XIV and the Lost Generation
  • Scott, Alec: Polygot Port [Oakland Food Scene]
  • Steinberg, Barbara L.: A taste of Yuba-Sutter Counties
  • VanHatten, Wendy: When in Venice…Cantina Do Mori
  • VanHatten, Wendy: Ride of the 5 Senses
  • Wilson, Janet and Stuart: Venerable Vineyards
  • Wilson, Janet and Stuart: Festival of Food: Gilroy, California’s Garlic Capital
  • Wilson, Janet and Stuart: Savoring the Rhone