A New Year, a New Issue of BATW’s Online Magazine

Your trusty editors are happy to let you know that the January 2022 issue of BATW’s online magazine Stories of Travel Culture & the World is now published on line at: https://medium.com/batw-travel-stories

Welcome new writer Hilary Kaiser with her story about not getting a bath in Bath. Repeat contributors include, Carol Canter with a visit to Yosemite in winter; another winter-themed piece on polar bears, icebergs, and more from April Orcutt; Steffanie Levin is miles from anywhere in Lake County; Laurie McAndish King’s story on scotch and haggis (I tasted both when I lived in Edinburgh; I recommend the former) is perfect for the season: and my revisit of the route of my first story published in the travel section of the San Francisco Examiner way back in October 2000.  We now have 17 writers who have contributed a total of 64 stories describing their travel experiences from every corner of the globe that have been viewed more than 12,000 times.

If you do not have a medium.com subscription account and wish to read more than three stories written by others, use the Friend links posted on the Contents list at: https://bitly.com/3zh0WpP (FYI: this is also Friend link)

Keep those stories coming and best wishes to everyone for a wonderful New Year

David Laws


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