Announcing the 2022 BATW Board of Directors

With 38 electors weighing in, the BATW membership has confirmed six members to its board for two year-terms. The member-elects are a strong mixture of experienced board members and new perspectives, all eager to lead BATW as we head into another year of ever-evolving travel.

BATW board members elected for 2022-2024 positions:

  • Erin Caslavka
  • Rosie Cohan
  • Matthew Eley
  • Alec Scott
  • Ed Walsh
  • John Williamson

The member-elects join Judith Horstman, Amy Sherman and Tom Wilmer as voting members of the 2022 board of directors. They look forward to working with you in the coming years and providing continued excellence in educational opportunities, digital experiences and, of course, plenty of get-togethers at the Bay’s most fascinating destinations.


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3 Responses

  1. Thanks to all of you for doing the work of board members, which often goes unrecognized. I appreciate all your efforts!

  2. Many thanks for signing on to head up BATW for two years! What a savvy, brainy, lively gang you are🌟

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