BATW Launches Contest for New “Clips & Pics” Name

BATW Launches Contest for New “Clips & Pics” Name

In 2014, when BATW published its first-ever magazine of work by members, Clips ‘n Pics was an appropriate name because the entries were previously published works by our organization’s travel writers (clips) and travel photographers (pics).

This year the magazine is changing its scope in three ways:

  • It has a theme (National Park Service entities in California, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the NPS in 2016);
  • Entries can be either previously published or newly written;
  • Entries are juried.

Given the changes for the upcoming 2015 publication and the possibility that BATW will continue to publish a yearly magazine in the future—with a unique theme each year—we have the opportunity to come up with a great new name.

What the magazine needs is a title with a touch of gravitas and relevance beyond the world of “clips.” The title would remain the same each year, but be followed by a subtitle reflecting that year’s theme. For example, the 2015 edition could be called something like:

Bay Area Travel Writers Present:

A Celebration of The National Park Service in California

— or —

Fabulous Treks:

National Parks and Other Sites in California

So we’re holding a contest, trusting that all you creative people out there will come up with a name that makes the world sit up and take notice (and thanks, Ginny Prior, for suggesting the contest idea).

Here’s what we’ve got in mind:


  • It’s OK to use BATW’s name in the title, but not required. (For a longer explanation, see “To Use or Not to Use,” below.)
  • The contest is for the title only – not the subtitle we’ll be using this year.
  • Contest begins Saturday, August 1, and ends Sunday, August 23.
  • Send your entry/entries to
  • Submit as many entries as you like, as often as you like.
  • If two or more members submit the same title, only the earliest submission will be entered.
  • The contest is open to all BATW members (General, Associate, Provisional).


  • The winning title will be selected by the magazine’s editing/graphics team (Georgia Hesse, Bob Cooper, and Jim Shubin), plus co-presidents Suzie Rodriguez and Laurie King.


  • A free printed copy of the magazine (an approximately $25 value) and bragging rights.


  • In the event that no entries seem appropriate, the judging committee reserves the right to use a name that was not submitted.

NOTE FROM GEORGIA HESSE: I have put on my editor’s hat to suggest that we avoid, in all cases, reliance on such cliché-ridden words as “fabulous,” “exotic,” and the almost-always misused “iconic.”


To Use or Not to Use BATW’s Name in the Title

Many of you participated earlier this year in the poll to determine whether BATW should change its name. You can read more about the poll and its results here, but a quick summary is that:

  • 55% of responding members favored adding “San Francisco” to BATW’s name.
  • 64% of respondents favored changing to a more inclusive name. The favorite, among those suggested, was San Francisco Bay Area Travel Media.

We decided that changing the name is much too important to rush into without deliberation. We’ll be revisiting the idea in 2016, at which time we’ll give it the attention it deserves.

With regard to the BATW magazine title, the possibility of a name change doesn’t really present a problem. Here’s what we’re thinking:

  • If the title chosen contains the organization’s name or acronym—and if BATW ultimately changes its name (and, hence, acronym)—we’ll simply alter the magazine title to reflect the new full name or acronym.
  • If the title does not contain our name or acronym, then we won’t have to change anything.

BTW, if the title does not contain the BATW name, we’ll emblazon it on the cover in an attractive fashion. For instance, “Bay Area Travel Writers Present…” could be placed on the cover in a graphically appealing way. Also, the organization will be the publisher and the author, so will come in for lots of attention.

Thanks for participating in the contest!

Happy Travels,

Suzie Rodriguez & Laurie McAndish King, BATW Co-Presidents


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