Hello BATW Members:

It has been two years since the members’ Video Page was first posted on the BATW website. You can view it at https://batw.org/videos. (Those of us who post videos benefit from getting followers and comments. If you enjoy what you see, please click on the “follow” button to keep up with our work, and please do take time to leave a comment.)

  • I have agreed to update this Video Page. As before, to be included you must have at least five travel-related videos posted to, most usually, YouTube, but other outlets will be considered. When posted, we will use your photo from the BATW website directory. The deadline for submission is end of day Sunday, October 15. Send your submission to me at traveluv@berkeleyandbeyond.com with “BATW Video Page” in the subject line.

Follow the existing format. I will need:

  1. your name

2. your website and/or blog name and its link/url

3. a brief description of your video specialty or philosophy

4. your total number of characters + spaces. For #1, 2, and 3 combined, you have a total of 200 characters and spaces. The link urls do not count in the total. Go here to insert your text for count, (remove the urls, which don’t count):  http://www.lettercount.com.

For an example, this is what I put in: Carole Terwilliger Meyers; Berkeley and Beyond; Weekend Adventures Update; Travels with Carole. My approach is “you are there,” and I achieve it with no cutting or editing. 172 characters.

5. the link/url to your YouTube channel or other site where all of your videos can be viewed plus:

total number of videos posted

total number of subscribers

total number of video views

6. titles of three travel-related videos plus links/urls. Submit one video for each of these three categories (for those of you who submitted before, this is when you can change your videos):

Most watched

Personal favorite

Wild card

Video from a BATW event (optional)


Carole Terwilliger Meyers; Berkeley and Beyond http://www.berkeleyandbeyond.com; Weekend Adventures Update http://weekendadventuresupdate.blogspot.com; Travels with Carole http://travelswithcarole.blogspot.com. My approach is “you are there,” and I achieve it with no cutting or editing.  172 characters

YouTube channel (or other site):  www.youtube.com/traveluv; 342 videos; 1,423 subscribers, 2,861,465 views

Most watched:  “Thai food vendor mixing green crepe dough” http://youtu.be/ZOfL9uZG2Nw  1,776,588 views

Personal favorite:  “just another day in paradise, on Yasawa Island in Fiji” http://youtu.be/V27HDUOIsHk  6,892 views

 Wild card:  “during hawk walk, hawk Inca makes a spectacular return to the glove”

http://youtu.be/HK-a1SyKRqI  212 views

Video from a BATW event:  “thar she blows, it’s the Sierra No. 3 steam engine full steam ahead”

https://youtu.be/cZUJAN_aviE  366 views

Note that no changes will be made once items are submitted and posted to this page. Please provide perfect copy.


Carole Terwilliger Meyers