Social Media Protocol for BATW Members

Please keep in mind that each of our organization’s online sites exists for a specific purpose (see below). For everyone’s maximum enjoyment and productive use, do take care that your submissions are not simply links to articles and other material of yours that may have been posted or published online.

BATW on Instagram: If you would like your photos included on the @bayareatravelwriters Instagram page, include @bayareatravelwriters in the comment area of your own Instagram post or use the hashtag #bayareatravelwriters to have your photo/post considered. Photos shared will include the original caption, photographers name and Instagram handle– so that others can also find your page!

BATW on Facebook:  open to public view, a sort of showcase of what’s going on with fellow members and colleagues. Here you can promote yourself, your travels, events, photos, your web site(s) and blog(s) by submitting news and announcements.  To receive BATW posts when you log onto Facebook, click the square “Like” button with the upraised thumb that sits to the right of the words Bay Area Travel Writers at the top of the page. Viola! You’re subscribed to the page!

Your news and announcements can also be submitted to ( And, of course, you can also set up your personal LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter sites.