“BATW Launches New Year at Mechanics’ Institute Library” – by Donna Peck

On Saturday, January 20, 2018, the BATW meeting opened with Molly Blaisdell passing the gavel to Judith Horstman, the new President. Next, the 2018 Board of Directors were introduced. Those in attendance rose and received our heartfelt thanks:

President, Judith Horstman
Molly Blaisdell
Lee Daley
Stephanie Levin
MJ Pramik
John Sundsmo

Also cheers to our Executive Director, Marc Longwood, who attended.

And thanks to those who couldn’t attend:

Carole Terwilliger Meyers
Vice President & Membership Chair, Tom Wilmer
Treasurer, John Williamson

Judith gave us a preview of the February 17 meeting at Boudin Bakery, San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf, and the March 17 meeting at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. Lee Foster, who is organizing the March meeting, will be giving us tips on how to tweak our websites so they appear in Google searches.

North American Travel Journalists Association
Bennett Root, VP of the NATJA, was in town and stopped by to encourage BATW members to take advantage of our reciprocal agreement. BATW members can skip the application process and join NATJA for $150 a year. Thank you Susan Cohn for bringing Bennet. His email is ben@natja.com. Learn more at www.natja.org.

You can download Taste of Travel, second edition, as a free PDF (ignore the message that reads, “free with print purchase”). With its many photos, it takes time to download.

You can purchase the 4-color book, which takes three business days to print. The book costs $18.40 and the shipping $5.98. Expect delivery in 1 to 2 weeks. Website is http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1332005

Readings from Taste of Travel, second edition, took us to these culinary hotspots: 

Donna Peck read about being jolted out of jet-lag and into an altered state by eating mango ice.
When Joan Aragon taught journalism in the Chinese capital in the 1980s, she won the respect of food vendors, who marveled at how well she handled the heat of spicy street food.
Lee Foster, who grew food to feed his family on a Berkeley hillside, professed to being a longtime acolyte of Alice Waters. He read about his conversation with the food revolutionary.
Lee Daley toured the restaurants and shops of downtown Napa, giving tips on where to go.
When an injury forced her off the trail, Susan Alcorn convalesced in Grenoble. She received a rocky introduction to the local dish: raclette.
Stephanie Levin lived in Paris for five years. She discovered mussels and lifelong friendship at a backyard dinner held in her honor.
Southern Italy
On a trip with her mother to Campania, Diane LeBow had a memorable lunch with Baronessa Cecelia, Alice Waters’ Italian counterpart.

Thanks to contributing writers for the excellent readings. Thanks to the Mechanics’ Institute Library for the oak-paneled meeting room, as well as the impeccably preserved spiral staircase, glass-paneled rotunda and mosaic marble hallways.

Thanks to Stephanie Levin for organizing the meeting and to Susan Alcorn for refreshments.