The Exploratorium proudly announces its summer exhibition, Self, Made: Exploring You in a World of We. Running May 23 through September 2, 2019, Self, Made invites visitors to explore how we form and perform identity through dozens of new interactive exhibit experiences, works of art, and curated collections of cultural objects.

Who: The Exploratorium

What: Summer Exhibition – Self, Made

When: May 23 – Sep 2, 2019

How Much: Included in museum admission. Prices and hours:

Exploratorium Presents Moon Month in July
The month-long celebration includes live eclipse coverage, art installations, special public programming, and a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11

Throughout the month of July, the Exploratorium will present a diverse range of offerings and lunar programming as part of the ongoing celebration of its 50th anniversary, as well as that of the Apollo 11 moon landing. “Moon Month” will include a live broadcast of a total solar eclipse from the Cerro Tololo Observatory in Chile, a month-long installation of Museum of the Moon, and a full-day celebration of the historic Apollo 11 lunar landing. Moon Month is part of the museum’s 100 Days of Summer programming, which also includes Self, Made: Exploring You in a World of We, an exhibition focused on exploring the converging facets of identity.

Who: The Exploratorium

What: Moon Month

When: Throughout the month of July

How Much: Included in museum admission: Prices and hours:



Avi Martin

Public Relations Manager, Exploratorium