Jim Shubin and Laurie McAndish King Publish Street Art Photojournals

Jim Shubin and Laurie McAndish King Publish Street Art Photojournals

Some of the best art isn’t in museums—it’s off the beaten track, in the streets and alleyways of cities known for their unique aesthetics, according to Jim Shubin and Laurie McAndish King. And they have now published two new photojournals, which celebrate the graffiti and street art of London and Havana. They’re free to view online (click on the red “Read Now” button) or to download as PDFs.

In the London book you’ll notice an immersive 3D style in which the art “interacts” with existing architectural elements. You’ll check out a Banksy and an image by Stik, who was homeless when he began as an artist, and is now in great demand for monumental community projects. You’ll catch images of Marilyn Monroe and Muhammed Ali. And you’ll learn the true origin of the “Kilroy was here” tag.

The Havana book includes the stunning art of Yulier Perez, whose otherworldly images are a reminder of third-world poverty (some have mouths in their stomachs—the people’s hunger speaks). You’ll also see the playful “Happy Zombie,” a curious coincidence of gorillas, a “Hemingway Wasn’t Here” poster, an ogre eating “the 99%,” and several handsome Che Guevaras. And there’s a section on Fusterlandia, the bright and zany mosaic wonderland just outside Havana.

View now: London and Havana.

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  1. April Orcutt Jun 17, 2018 at 8:56 pm

    This sounds fascinating. Love the photo of Laurie and Jim!


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