Where Have All the Olders Gone?

Where Have All the Olders Gone?

Effin Older

Where have all the Olders gone? After both Jules and Effin went to New Zealand and Jules hived off to Montana, they’ve been glued to their MacBook Pros.

Effin’s nearly finished her ebook, Kickass Grammar. It will be available, as an ebook only, very soon. Elfin’s also written a YA novel, Grit Girl. She’s now going through “the heinous business of finding an agent and/or publisher.”

On March 1, Jules typed a single sentence: “I’d be careful of that one if I were you.” Now, 13,000 words later, he’s writing the final chapter of a kids’ science-fiction novel, tentatively titled Special Ed. He (Jules, not Special Ed) will be seeking an agent/publisher/movie producer/literary lawyer soon. All suggestions welcome, he says.

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