Yes, Jules Older is the San Francisco Chronicle’s ski and snowboard blogger, Slope Dope. He’s also writing and blogging for SNOW magazine, Liftopia, Everett Potter’s Travel Report and a few other outlets.


When Sutro Media shut down, it left Jules and Effin (and 450 other app creators) without a platform for their apps. One of the Olders’ apps was San Francisco Restaurants. What were they to do with their material?

Restaurant by restaurant, they’re transferring it to their website, And occasionally making minimovies about where to eat. You can see the latest entry at and read about it at


And then there’s the History Channel. The Olders got an email purporting to be from a producer for said channel, saying he wanted to use one of their minimovies, “How to Climb a Ladder,” in a new show.

Jules called him. “Right. And what does the History Channel want with a short video on ladder safety? Doesn’t sound terribly historical to me.”

To his astonishment, the producer answered, “Yeah, we want it all right. For a new series on How To.”

It should be coming to a screen near you soon!