Lee Foster Takes on Writing/Photo Assignment from “VIA AAA”

Lee Foster Takes on Writing/Photo Assignment from “VIA AAA”

Bryce Canyon National Park, Silent City from Inspiration Point. Photo copyright: Lee Foster, www.fostertravel.com, lee@fostertravel.com, 510-549-2202

According to Lee Foster:

VIA AAA published 4-15-18 an assignment they asked me to write/photograph on 7 Best Photo Ops in the West. The assignment came out in a subset of VIA’s total travel publishing effort, which is their blog. VIA has 5.7 million members in their NorCal club.

I developed the text and used seven of my photos for the assignment. VIA presents the project at https://www.VIAmagazine.com/blog/best-photo-ops-west?ca=y

The project is discussed on my website at http://bit.ly/2E5XPDg. VIA has a 120-day exclusive on the text.

The publication is an illustration of how some of us in BATW are moving back and forth between “traditional” and “independent” publishing of travel content.

Bryce Canyon (pictured above) was one of the photo ops I chose.

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