Meade Fisher says:

“I’m happy to announce my latest (11th) book: Clueless Guy’s Guide to Love and Beyond, a humorous take on self-help books. It is ostensibly a book of advice to men on how to meet, court and keep a good woman. Oddly, I found that I did manage to squeeze in some good advice, but that was more an afterthought. I’ve shared this work as it grew, and I’ve found that women also find it funny. I knew I’d done my job when I heard people laugh out loud.

“This new book is now available on ($10.95). Many people rely on reviews when ordering books, so I’m offering something to the first 50 people who order and review the book. Alert me to the review and send me your mailing address, and I will send you another one of my titles, signed, in the offhand chance I ever become famous.”