BATW Welcomes New Provisional Member Megan Vaneck

BATW Welcomes New Provisional Member Megan Vaneck

Megan Vaneck is a travel writer and lifelong Bay Area native. Most recently published in Benicia Magazine (her hometown), she aspires to write for local and international publications alike. An affinity for warm tropical climates draws her to travel internationally a few times a year.

With a professional background in oncology and a volunteer background with the Make A Wish Foundation and various local and national humane societies and animal shelters, Megan understands the fleeting time we have to share stories that matter and is excited to highlight and share the world from her unique perspective. She’s been featured on local news stations and newspapers for her rescue work, and writing is yet another tool in her kit to bring awareness and make a difference. Whether sharing a downtown family-owned cafe worthy of recognition and business or introducing an international excursion that’s bucket-list-worthy, she hopes to foster appreciation for this small and fragile planet and inspire her readers to get off the couch and explore it. Megan is an active member of the International Travel Writers & Photographers Alliance.

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