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Yvonne Horn’s new book 100 Thing To Do In Sonoma County Before You Die comes out April first. It’s the latest offering in Reedy Press’ popular 100 Thing To do In ….. guidebook seriesWhile not a guidebook in the traditional sense, with Yvonne, a third-generation county resident as “insider” guide, the book invites a nooks-and crannies exploration of the entire county. Harness up and zip through a redwood canopy, visit all 21 California missions in one day, get buried up to your chin in a bath of hot cedar shavings – with 97 more items to go.

In other news, Copperfield’s Books hosts Yvonne in an online PowerPoint event that tells the tales of what it was like to research and write the book during the onslaught of COVID on April 29,  at 7 p.m. Registration is free at


In the March 27 issue of SFGate, Natasha Bourlin delves into the local’s outcry over tourists behaving badly in Hawaii.


 Wanda Hennig, writing culinary travel stories from what is currently her own back yard in Durban, South Africa, recently shared some personal discoveries and scene-setting photographs in the Daily Maverick TGIFood section with a waterfront story titled Getting to the Point of a long overdue revival.


Ginny Prior highlighted the flagship resort in the Lawrence Welk portfolio in her March travel column in the Bay Area NewsGroup-owned Hills Newspapers.  If there’s a silver lining to COVID-19 restrictions, it’s that the hospitality industry has found new ways to enjoy the outdoors. From electric bike rides in the country to virtual-reality goggles in the pool, resorts are reinventing what guests can do outside.








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