The Power of Networking

The Power of Networking

L-R: Suzie Rodriguez, Tom Wilmer, Molly Blaisdell

L-R: Suzie Rodriguez, Tom Wilmer, Molly Blaisdell

“The Power of Networking” – by Molly Blaisdell, BATW President

Bay Area Travel Writers (BATW) presents a unique opportunity for all members to network for both professional and personal reasons.

While our monthly meetings provide professional development and social interaction, robust opportunities reveal themselves when we get more intimately involved and spend time shaping the organization.

It is an honor to be at the helm as your President, but the most value I have gained from membership in BATW is my volunteer positions and getting to know other like-minded members who donate their time, expertise and resources.

One such example is the relationships I’ve developed from serving on the Board of Directors. Through our retreats, quarterly meetings and pro-active volunteer efforts, we’ve established a bond that goes beyond the limited interaction we have during our member gatherings.

The connections established with two such Board members, namely Tom Wilmer and Suzie Rodriguez, have resulted in opportunities to contribute story content and features for Tom’s “Journeys of Discovery” podcast in which we’ve collaborated to report on trips taken together as well as journeys we’ve encountered on our own.

In addition to contributing to Tom’s award-winning broadcasts, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to present my clients with platforms in which to engage BATW members and generate publicity for their attractions, destinations and hotels.

So, with this, I am eager to get more members involved as volunteers. We are all busy, but as a volunteer organization, we need support and engagement from each and every one of you.

My term is coming to an end. And, with that said, our biggest needs are for new Board members as well as a President and Treasurer as we transition into 2018.

All aboard ~

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