New Member: Nancy Menees Hardesty

Hello BATW Members!

I am writing to introduce myself and my writing/geographical/travel interests to BATW members.  Former BATW President Diane LeBow, invited me, Nancy Menees Hardesty, to join your club, suggesting that this group could greatly expand my professional development, networking and writing skills.  My current writing projects are:

  1. The Bonnet Book (Pub. Sept 2020, 354 pages, with extensive Author’s Notes.)  This is my debut novel, a coming-of-age historical tale about Blanche Estelle Spencer Menees, my paternal grandmother, an orphan train child, and a hat maker in Wild West Oklahoma in 1910. The 70- year orphan train distribution is a unique travel history involving 250,000 to 350,000 orphan children and is considered the largest child migration in the world. The book contains five distinct geographic settings which I visited and which greatly contribute to the vivid backdrops and period authenticity of the story.

Buy here: and

  1. Lake Tahoe Mountain Chickadee Nature Book Series, four children’s environmental coloring books about Lake Tahoe…all ripe with learning activities. Volume #1 and #2 are almost ready to print.  Volumes #3 & #4 are in process.
  2. Soccer Central, a semi-autobiographical story of a 1990’s decade of adolescent soccer team management. Our family managed four teams of 60 players from ten different countries and speaking some 7 different languages. The book is the coming-of-age story of the soccer players and the blending of their international backgrounds into a unique high school soccer league called Boca Juniors, but which I called Soccer Central.

I have been so immersed in my stories, for 32 years!, that I have not had time to network.  That changes with this membership.

I have a website which chronicles some of those 32 years:  This website additionally contains a brief history of the orphan train movement 1859-1929.

I look forward to meeting ALL of you.



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2 Responses

  1. Welcome, Nancy. Your topics sound fascinating. Especially the Orphan Train theme. Coincidentally, my father was orphaned about the same time.
    We should talk about the coincidences

    Let me know if wou would like to chat.

    Best wishes
    Lee Daley

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