Rebecca Bruns Award – Deadline Sept. 15

Rebecca Bruns Award – Deadline Sept. 15

Rebecca Bruns Award – Deadline Sept. 15

Call for Nominations for the 2018 Rebecca Bruns Award

The Rebecca Bruns Award was created to honor members who inspire others – by creativity, hard work, dedication to craft, and commitment to BATW – in the way Rebecca once did. It’s presented biannually. BATW is requesting nominations for the 2018 award by September 15, 2018.

Rebecca Bruns, a founding member of BATW and one of our shining stars, had her trajectory cut tragically short by illness. That she remains a muse to many of us is a testament to both her brilliance and her generosity of spirit.

Rebecca was a mentor in the true sense of the word, working hard, achieving success and sharing her every secret about writing, marketing, and motivation. In BATW’s fledgling years, a small number of aspiring writers gathered monthly at one another’s homes, to read aloud manuscripts in progress. Rebecca’s readings were invariably spellbinding, yet so, too, was her agility at helping others bring their work to a new level. She wrote as she lived, with passion, honesty, and creativity. Her metaphors, like her adventures, were gutsy and original.

You can learn more about Rebecca at…

BATW members who have been honored with this award include:

  • Christopher Baker  2005
  • Patricia Lee  2006
  • Bruce Whipperman  2008
  • Lee Foster  2010
  • Georgia Hesse  2012
  • Morton Beebe  2014

The award was not given in 2016.

Please send nominations by September 15 to Judith Horstman at…

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