Photo Presentation at July 2018 BATW Meeting – photo by Robert W. Bone

“Creating Well-Crafted Photos”

By Robert W. Bone

Two inventive travel writers held fellow BATW members in rapt attention in July when they demonstrated that good photography is an essential element for professional travel writers in today’s visual world.

The theme of the meeting – “A Well-crafted Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” – featured the up-to-date talents of Lee Daley and Carole Terwilliger Meyers and how they work using Instagram and the companion program (or app) Snapseed. Striking evidence of their i-photo successes was projected on a large screen by Lee’s husband, John Sundsmo.

The program was presented in the conference room at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco on July 21. Abilities traditionally identified with long-time professional photographer’s manipulation programs like Photoshop are now available free to individual users on their i-Phone. On the screen Daley demonstrated in real time the use of Snapseed with “crop,” “straighten,” and several other commands with an array of sophisticated tools.

Meyers said she generally posts images while she is on the road. She also suggested the use of other modern internet tools such as hashtags and live hyperlinks to drive traffic to one of her websites. Members wanting to learn more about Instagram can choose this link: (Temporarily it can also be reached by clicking on this address:

Following the meeting, many members took advantage of a special YCBA invitation to tour and photograph the various galleries and art exhibits throughout the building.

Many thanks to Lee Daley, Carole Terwilliger Meyers and John Sundsmo for an outstanding program.