“News, Views … and Much Aloha” – by Robert W. Bone

By Robert W. Bone

BATW topped off the year’s activities with an entertaining and informative October meeting. Some 50 members and guests were present for the program presented in the mosaic-tiled and wood-paneled Pied Piper room of San Francisco’s historic Palace Hotel.

The program, which included a hosted luncheon, was sponsored by Hawaii tourism interests, including Starwood Resorts, Marriott International and Hawaiian Airlines.

The meeting featured an inspirational talk by John Sepulvado, host of the “California Report,” a regular program carried on San Francisco’s Public Radio station KQED.

In his extemporaneous address, Sepulvado emphasized the importance of unfettered Public Radio today. At the same time he appealed to his audience to keep equally strict standards in their own travel writing.

“It’s important and vital that we have a strong public media system in order to maintain high journalistic values,” Sepulvado said.  By the same token, travel writers also had a duty to maintain similar standards. “I encourage you to keep your voices true,” he said.

The state of Hawaii was represented at the meeting by Jean Dickinson and Dara Young, of Starwood Hotels and Resorts, and Alex Da Silva, of Hawaiian Airlines. The delegation also included Colin Hazama, executive chef for the Royal Hawaiian Hotel and other affiliated hotels.

Many thanks to Tom Wilmer and his many colleagues who coordinated and presented this wonderful event.