Shayna Yasuhara is a writer and editor based in San Francisco. She’s also a Bay Area native who flew across the country to study Criminal Justice and Sociology at Northeastern University in Boston. In true Gemini fashion, this is where she took a hard turn toward visual arts and more creative endeavors. According to Shayna, writing has been her “left brain meets right brain” form of expression that has kept her centered.

Shayna has done a fair share of writing and traveling but is looking to truly connect those two passions. With a slant toward the arts and social justice, Shayna has since written for Broke-Ass Stuart, Bay City Beacon, and is the current managing editor at SF Station.

“I’ve joined the BATW group in the hopes of making some new like-minded friends, as well as going on some new personal and professional adventures! I look forward to meeting you all,” she says.

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Twitter: @ShaynaYasuhara