Taste of Travel: Food, Stories & Photos from around the World, Fall 2017, is here! Thirty-three members of Bay Area Travel Writers contributed tasty and exotic stories and photographs guaranteed to remind readers of one of travels’ biggest cultural adventures—dining out. Whether they return time and again to a favorite restaurant to get the best plum pudding they’ve ever had (such as Monica Conrady in London) or seek out a popular street food stand to try something new, such as jian bing (fried crepe), like Joan Aragone in Beijing, travelers usually want food when traveling to be out of the ordinary—something to write home about.

Download this exceptional publication as a free PDF here: (no strings attached–ignore the message that reads, “free with print purchase”). With its many photos, it takes time to download. You can also purchase the 4-color printed book for $18.40.

Members, please help spread the word about our new book on Facebook and other social media. Keep in mind that you can add your story or photo contribution to your list of publications.

Thanks again to our contributors for sharing their travels, to Linda Castrone and Carole Terwilliger Meyers for content editing, to Bob Cooper for copy editing, to Jim Shubin and Laurie King for production, and Suzie Rodriguez for guiding me through this process.

Susan Alcorn, Project Coordinator