Dear Members:

My latest two-year term on the BATW Board expires at the end of the year, and I’ve decided not to run again. But believe me, I’ve really enjoyed this experience. I’ve been on boards since high school, when I was elected Student Council secretary, and my favorite “boarding,” without a doubt, has been with BATW. I’ve loved challenging myself, listening to all points of view, arriving at group decisions, and most of all contributing to an organization that has brought so many good friends into my life.

However, I’ve been on the BATW Board for all but two of the last 12 or 13 years, and now I want to shift my focus to other projects. Two or three other long-time Board members – Karen Misuraca, for one – will also be leaving at the end of the year, for reasons similar to mine.

Please do seriously consider running for the Board in the fall – it is a very rewarding and fun (really!) job that requires less time than you may imagine. We meet in person only about three times a year, usually right after regular monthly meetings, and we also have an enjoyable annual retreat weekend that is sponsored by a destination and includes spouses or partners. Also, we now have an Executive Director (Jim Gebbie) who handles many tasks for which the Board was previously responsible, and the move from MemberClicks to Wild Apricot, when completed, will make administrative tasks much easier all around.

New Board members Judith Horstman and Carole Terwilliger Meyers have been appointed, and we expect them to run for the Board in the fall. It will be a feather in your cap and a great service to your fellow BATW members when you step up to help.

If you’ve ever thought about running for the Board, it’s time to move beyond thoughts and take action. BATW 2017 needs you. Your time is now.

To learn more about running for the Board this fall, contact me or any Board member.

—Suzie Rodriguez, BATW President