Test Your Knowledge in Travel Quiz

Test Your Knowledge in Travel Quiz

Bob Ecker

Bob Ecker

Bob Ecker’s Travel Quiz 2016
 – c. Bob Ecker, 2016

Former BATW President Bob Ecker challenges his readers with an annual travel-related quiz. Here is this year’s:

#1: What is the estimated amount of dollars collected by airlines, worldwide for ancillary fees in 2016?  These ancillary fees don’t include ticket prices but are charged for things such as: food & beverage, alcohol, baggage, entertainment, preferred seating, upgrades, legroom, breathing, etc.

A) $ 979.8 million

B) $ 560.5 million

C) $   67.4 billion

D) $   18.7 billion

E) $   36.1 billion


#2:  What cruise vessel, at 135 feet from side to side, is the world’s widest?

A) Carnival’s Oasis of the Seas

B) Cunard Queen Mary

C) Oceania Riviera

D) Norwegian Breakaway

E) Holland America’s Noordadam


#3: Places on earth along the equator are generally hot. Yet this city, very near the equator has an average temperature of 57 degrees F.  Pretty cool considering. What is the name of this city?


#4: Which is the oldest state capital city in the Unites States?

A) Boston, MA

B) Annapolis, MD

C) Tallahassee, FL

D) Austin, TX

E) Santa Fe, NM


#5:  At over 9,000 years old, where was the oldest piece of chewing gum found?

A) On an island off the coast of Sweden

B) Under a student desk in Wurzburg, Germany

C) In Australia’s remote Tanami Desert

D) Excavated from a construction site in Jaffa, Israel

E) In the stomach of a mummified polar bear, near Churchill, Manitoba, Canada


#6:  The city of Cannes, along the beautiful French Riviera is known for its world famous film festival. In its first year, how many films were shown at Cannes?


#7: The legendary Pony Express had a short but glamorized role in the growth of America. Operating for only 19 months in 1860 and 1861, it employed over 120 riders in the long, mad dash delivering mail between St. Joseph, Missouri and Sacramento, California.  Question: In those 19 months, how many ponies were employed in the operation?

A) 40 or less

B) 41-100

C) 120-250

D) 260-360

E) More than 400


#8: According to Transparency International’s 2015 report, which are the five least corrupt nations in the world? Name them.


#9: Where are these airports with the text-amusing Airport codes?







# 10:  What Large Italian Mountain range is named after an actual human being?


#11:  What is or where is, Harmattan?

A) A town on the southeastern tip of Long Island, NY

B) A West African trade wind

C) A special kind of ceremonial hunting knife, traditionally found in Siberia

D) A small squirrel like rodent that lives in Wales and Eastern England

E) An ancient ball game played by Native Americans, particularly the Algonquin and Mohawk tribes

F) A far off and terrifying land mentioned in Game of Thrones


#12: Okay sports fans, how many US States have NFL football franchises?


#13: What is the world’s lowest lying capital city?

A) Jerusalem, Israel

B) Male, Maldives

C) Baku, Azerbaijan

D) Port Vila, Vanuatu

E) Washington DC, USA

F) Tirana, Albania


#14:  Who are the actual ancient Kings, represented in a typical deck of playing cards? Name the actual King and his card.


#15: One important, well-known region on earth was named for a book. Can you name it?


#16: The lovely town of Beaune in the Burgundy region of France has a non-Gallic name. What is its origin?

A) Egyptian

B) Germanic

C) Persian

D) Russian

E) Hungarian

F) Celtic


#17: Where is the Denmark Straight?


#18:  What’s in a name? Place names are very important, particularly for some wine regions around the world. The Joint Declaration to Protect Wine Place Names & Origin signed in Napa Valley on July 26, 2005, guarantees proprietary, exclusive use of the names of famous wine regions. Which of these United States well-known wine regions is not a signatory of the Declaration?

A) Sonoma County

B) Walla Walla Valley

C) New York Finger Lakes

D) Long Island

E) Paso Robles

F) Oregon


#19:  True or False: Kansas City, Missouri ranks second in the world to Rome in its number of public water fountains.


#20:  I love travel quotes. Who said, “Boy, those French, they have a different word for everything!”

A) Lindsay Lohan

B) Rush Limbaugh

C) Prince Charles

D) Steve Martin

E) Sarah Palin

F) Bernie Sanders


C. Bob Ecker 2016


 Send your answers (and say hello to Bob) at eckerbob@mindspring.com


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  1. April Orcutt Jan 2, 2017 at 11:44 am

    Bob, I hope you’ll send the answers to Carolyn to post in the Feb. BATW website update.


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