Corporate Showcase: Tom Walton, Fortune Public Relations

Tom Walton is co-owner of Fortune Public Relations, the foremost San Francisco Bay Area public relations firm specializing in serving the restaurant and the retail food and beverage industries. Over the last three decades, he has worked with more than 800 clients including local, regional, national and international companies, and garnered coverage for them in every relevant media outlet in America. The company was founded in 1986, is based in Berkeley, California, and is headquartered in an office building that Walton owns and had designed and built in 1990 along with Deborah Fortune, his wife and business partner.

With respect to BATW, Fortune Public Relations can be a valuable resource to our organization’s members when it comes to developing a food and dining component that is often a part of a Northern California travel story. “We can provide press releases, customized copy, photographs, recipes, hosted meals and interview opportunities,” he says. “We are an especially good resource for ‘staycation’ stories and encourage BATW members to more frequently pursue this topic.”

According to Tom, “Work as a food and restaurant publicist affords one the opportunity to interact with fascinating clients and media people who are often leaders in their field and are a part of a larger community that is known and respected around the world. All the free food isn’t a bad thing either!”

As far as a favorite destination, “one need look no further than the Mendocino coast, which provides almost limitless reasons to leave home. That area is also the reason that I joined BATW,” he says.

Special thanks to Tom Walton for facilitating our Tri-Valley event in July.