Top Blogging Resources

Top Blogging Resources

Many thanks to the knowledgeable presenters at our recent BATW meeting: To Blog or Not to Blog. 


Shelly Rivoli;

Inga Aksamit

Karen Misuraca 


TIP: short form is for social media. long form is best for your blog. Even 1,500-2,000-word posts, especially when you are just starting out. As long as they are attuned to your narrow niche, they become the evergreen foundation of the purpose of your blog. And, very important, Google uses length as one of the signals of authority and quality. Among other signals are consistency and frequency.

 Free 7-Step Course to Starting Your Blog


31 Days to Build a Better Blog


How to Start a WordPress Blog (the technicalities)


How to Start a Travel Blog and Make Money


WPBeginner YouTube tutorials


WordPress/website designer

Jeffrey Samorano

Spoke at March meeting


How a successful blogger makes money!


Social Media Demographics (what social media do your readers use)

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