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In addition to being writers, many BATW members are videographers. On this page you will find each member’s YouTube or Vimeo channel url where you can view their videos.

Those of us who post videos benefit from followers and comments. If you enjoy what you see, please click on the “subscribe” button at our video sites to keep up with our work, and please do take time to leave a comment.

[Many thanks to Carole Terwilliger Meyers, who coordinated this project.]


Wanda Hennig

WandaLust by Wanda

I make videos on a variety of subjects, mainly to complement articles that I am writing, and sometimes just for fun.

YouTube Channel

50 videos posted



Patricia Kutza

Patricia Kutza

Patricia Kutza

My philosophy is “Capture the essence – the story will follow.”

YouTube Channel

127 videos posted

172 subscribers



Carole Terwilliger Meyers

Berkeley and Beyond; Weekend Adventures Update; Travels with Carole

My approach is “you are there,” and I achieve it with no cutting or editing.

YouTube channel

346 videos posted

1,439 subscribers


Jules and Effin Older


Most of our videos, which we call minimovies, are about travel and do-gooding, often in combination.

YouTube channel; Vimeo Channel

120 videos posted