Our Volunteers for 2017

Our Volunteers for 20172017-01-31T10:22:57-07:00

BATW is a volunteer organization, and depends on the efforts of these people to keep it running. And yes, we are a fun group:

Susan A Susan Alcorn: A publisher, photographer and journalist who specializes in backpacking and long-distance walking, Susan was the Chair of our 2017 book, The Taste of Travel. backpack45.com
MortonBeebe160 Morton Beebe: A photographer, film producer and writer, former BATW Board member Morton provides many services to our organization. MortonBeebe.com
MollyBlaisdell150 Molly Blaisdell: Co-presidentn of BATW with Tom Wilmer, Molly is a broadcaster and also president of public relations firm Hook, Line & Thinker. Her contributions to BATW are countless.
BobBone150 Bob Bone: An accomplished writer, Bob helps cover monthly meetings for the website. robertbone.com
CamilleBounds150 copy Camille Bounds: A travel editor with Sunrise Publications, Camille sends out BATW’s holiday greeting cards every December.
erincaslavka150 Erin Caslavka: Erin, a former BATW board member, works in various ways to support the efforts of BATW. arkandtent.com
MonicaConrady150 Monica Conrady: A writer/editor, one of BATW’s founding members, and a former Board member, is our principle greeter at monthly meetings.
BobCooper150 Bob Cooper: Bob, a former BATW board member, is Managing Editor of our yearly Travel Features & Photos publication. bob-cooper.com
Lee Daley: A long-time member and former BATW president, Lee is serving the organization once again as a 2017-18 board member. epicureandestinations.com
LauraDeutsch150 Laura Deutsch: Laura heads up BATW book readings each year. lauradeutsch.com
Ginger D Ginger Dingus: Long-time member Ginger is helping with the 2017 BATW Best and Planet Earth contests, including finding and coordinating judges. Ginger on Google+
Lee Foster Lee Foster: A 7-time winner of the Lowell Thomas Award, Lee generously shares his travel industry expertise with members in seminars and one-on-one. FosterTravel.com
Jim Gebbie Jim Gebbie: Jim is Co-chair of the 2017 BATW Best Writing & Photography contest. He also serves as BATW’s Executive Director.
GeorgiaHesse150 Georgia Hesse: Grande Dame of Travel Writing, Georgia is a former Board member and has sesrved as Executive Editor of BATW’s yearly Travel Features & Photos publication.
Judith H Judith Horstman: A BATW Board member, Judith is playing a major role in revamping our volunteer program. JudithHorstman.com
LaurieMcAndishKing150 Laurie McAndish King: An award-winning writer and photographer, Laurie is a former Co-President of BATW and helps in many ways. LaurieMcAndishKing.com
CarolynKoenig150 Carolyn Koenig: Carolyn, an editor and writer, is the Managing Editor for BATW’s website.
DianeLeBow150 Diane LeBow: A past BATW president, Diane volunteers in countless ways. DianeLeBow.com
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Marc Longwood: A former board member, professional photographer Marc produces our accreditation cards and navigates the complexities of our membership management software. longwoodpro.com
BeverlyMann150 Beverly Mann: Bev manages our KQED volunteer efforts and assists Ed Walsh with meeting refreshments. beverlymann.com
CaroleTerwilligerMeyers150 copy Carole Terwilliger Meyers: A freelance travel writer and the author of 17 books, Carole is a BATW board member. Among other tasks, she curates our video page. travelswithcarole.blogspot.com
Karen Misuraca Karen Misuraca: A prolific travel book author and blogger, Karen oversees our social media forums and serves as Co-chair of the 2017 BATW Best Writing & Photography contest. karenmisuraca.com
JohnMontgomery150 John Montgomery: A former BATW Board member, John is always willing to pitch in and help. montgomeryphotographic.com
EffinOlder150 copy Effin Older: A photographer, writer and app creator, Effin serves on our Ethics Committee with her husband, Jules. Both Olders are backup Meeting Greeters for Monica Conrady. julesolder.com
JulesOlder150 copy Jules Older: Into film, writing, editing and more, Jules and his wife, Effin, constitute our Ethics Committee. Both Olders are backup Meeting Greeters for Monica Conrady. julesolder.com
AprilOrcutt150 April Orcutt: A prolific, award-winning writer, April helps support BATW’s efforts by serving on the accreditation committee. aprilorcutt.com
DonnaPeck150 Donna Peck: Writer, photographer and editor of celebrationtraveler.com, Donna helps with technical aspects of running BATW, including yearly election/renewals. celebrationtraveler.com
MJPramik150 MJ Pramik: A travel writer and novelist, MJ is a member of BATW’s Board. mjpramik.com
SuzieRodriguez150 Suzie Rodriguez: A former BATW president (2015-2016), Suzie assists the organization in many ways. She is a writer, blogger and editor. suzierod.com
DavidSanger150 copy David Sanger: A professional photographer, David volunteers time with BATW by managing our Yahoo email group. davidsanger.com
BillScull150 Bill Scull: A photographer and former Board member, Bill  curates the photo display on our website. scull.net
 JimShubin150 Jim Shubin: A former BATW Board member, Jim is a specialist in photography and book design; he designed all of our books and ushered them into publication. shubindesign.com
WendyVanHatten150 Wendy VanHatten: Wendy, BATW’s treasurer, is a writer and speaker. travelsandescapes.blogspot.com
EdWalsh150 copy Ed Walsh: A prolific travel writer, Ed keeps BATW members happy at meetings by keeping us in coffee, sugar and carbs. ebar.com
JohnWilliamson-160 John Williamson: A photographer, John serves as our technical advisor. John will succeed Stu Wilson in 2018 as our Parliamentarian.
TomWilmer150 Tom Wilmer: Broadcaster and writer Tom is co-president of the BATW Board with Molly Blaisdell. He is also our Membership Chair. thomascwilmer.com
JanetWilson150 Janet Wilson: One half of a traveling writing team, BATW Board member Janet was BATW was our Treasurer for 4 years and now heads the Credentialing committee. wilsonstravels.com
 Stuart Wilson Passport Photo Stu Wilson: The other half of the Wilson traveling writing team, Stu serves as our Parliamentarian and expert on our by-laws. wilsonstravels.com