Welcome to our new members:

Actives: Lisa Alpine, Robert Bone, Melissa Josue, Emma Krasov, Autumn Millhouse, Brad Newsham, David Page, Maxine Schur, Robert Stone, Laurie Weed.

Associates: Carolyn Izzo-Feldman (Carolyn Izzo Integrated Communications), Mary Billingsley (Heritage Travel, Inc.), Belinda Burleson (French National Tourism Office)

Provisionals: Gustav “Gus” Nelson

We’re delighted to have you join us, and we look forward to meeting you at BATW events and to reading about your accomplishments on the website.

(Members, remember that you can get contact information for each other by going to www.batw.org, logging in, clicking on “For Members Only,” and, on the drop-down menu, clicking on “Member Directory.”)