A New Outlet for Your Best Work

BATW has established a BATW Travel Stories online magazine at medium.com as a new outlet for your best professional-quality work. This is an open platform, relatively easy to use, and does not carry advertising. According to Medium, the website is “where 170 million readers come to find insightful and dynamic thinking.”

We invite members to submit one travel-related article, essay, or memoir (with at least one accompanying photo) for consideration each month. Please take a look at https://medium.com/batw-travel-stories to get a sense of the publication’s look and feel.

After you’ve created your own site and profile on medium.com (which is free), you can begin submitting articles for consideration to the BATW magazine. The deadline for the August issue is June 30.

Additionally, you can use your site to develop your own contingent of followers and contribute to other medium.com sites that are open to submissions. If your work is accepted by them, it remains visible on your profile page with links to the other publications. (On David Laws’s page, you will note his stories appear in The Bold ItalicBATW Travel Stories, CORE+ of the Computer History Museum, and others.)

If you are interested in participating, guidelines on how to submit your article can be found on the BATW Travel Stories home page under the tab SUBMISSION GUIDELINES.

Please read through these guidelines first before emailing any questions you may have.

If you do have additional questions, submit them to: magazine@batw.org.

Together, let’s work to create a new, widely circulated presentation of our skills and experience as professional writers and photographers!









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