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The magazine has published more than 200 articles, to date.
A snippet of news from our members this month.
A snippet of member appearances, book publishings, awards and more.
A smattering of the latest member news and achievements.
Just a sample of the member news for February.
Submit your outdoor stories by March 15 for this special spring issue.
A smattering of news from our members.
Just a smattering of member awards, along with recently-published articles and photos.
The honor is awarded to the BATW member who most embodies Rebecca’s talent and generosity.
Just a smattering of recent news from our members.
The perks of BATW membership include monthly meetings, travel benefits and a pitching guide to over 70 media outlets.
Candidate statements from your newly-affirmed BATW Board of Directors
Just a smattering of this month’s member news and accomplishments.
Just a sample of the many articles written recently by our 140 members.
A smattering of BATW member news for August.
Just a smattering of recent news from members.
It was a day to sell books, swap stories and recruit new members.