About BATW

Established in 1984, in San Francisco, California, Bay Area Travel Writers, Inc. is a not-for-profit, professional association of journalists with outstanding achievements in the field of travel. Our members share their unique stories in newspapers, magazines, broadcasts, blogs, videos, books, internet publications and travel industry publications.

Members: BATW members travel and report locally and all over the world. Some specialize in guidebooks, others in golf, outdoor adventure, cultural or historic excursions, travel for singles, families or seniors, or in photography. Each journalist seeks to present the world in ways that enrich, inform and fascinate, thereby exposing their readers to the people, culture, arts and natural splendors of each destination.

Meetings: Monthly meetings, held since 1984, provide a lively exchange of information among our widely traveled colleagues. Speakers from tourist boards and destinations make presentations to inform members of travel trends and news; members’ professionalism is enhanced by presentations that strengthen public speaking abilities, social media skills and technological know-how. We also hold panel discussions on subjects such as marketing, publishing and photography. Guests are welcome at most events; just let us know in advance by emailing Programs@BATW.org.

Professional Standards: BATW encourages the highest professional standards among its members. Up-and-coming journalists may join as Provisional members, and may participate with veteran journalists. Travel industry professionals are invited to become Corporate members and profit from a mutually beneficial relationship with our journalists.

Mission Statement: BATW is an organization of professional journalists committed to increasing opportunities for, and promoting excellence among, its members in the practice of responsible travel journalism. With its various activities and programs, BATW strives to:

  1. Support the development of members’ professional skills.
  2. Advance members’ access to publication, career, and business opportunities.
  3. Promote a love of travel along with respect for the cultural and environmental integrity of the places that members visit, write about, and photograph.
  4. Provide a dynamic, collegial forum for members to exchange ideas and information.
  5. Encourage the exchange of ideas and information between the traveling public and the providers of travel services and products.