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The Seychelles: Fantasy Travel to the Garden of Eden?​

Author: April Orcutt

“With its vertically eroded granite rocks, lush green trees and exquisitely framed, petite white-sand beach — a tiny deserted world surrounded by an aqua and cobalt sea — Cocos Island must have been Eden.”

The Driving Reign

Author: Erin Deinzer

“Like many an obsessive “Game of Thrones” fan, I’m entranced by the idea of life in medieval Europe—including fairy tale images of castles, and the raptors that carried messages back-and-forth between them.”

Sailing Along on San Francisco’s Maritime Trail

Author: Karen Misuraca

“Although today the bay is plied by cruise ships, yachts, passenger ferries and freighters, a heroic and colorful seagoing past is preserved on the Bay Area Maritime Trail.”

Peggy Guggenheim at Home In Venice​

Author: Lee Daley

“Many have called her risqué, a term with which she would most likely agree. Fortunately, her treasured home — now open to the public — still houses her art collection in what is now the Peggy Guggenheim Collection Museum.”

Welcome to London

Author: David Laws

“I’m typically calm and collected about situations where I know there is nothing I can change. But a view of the pub where I planned to meet friends for dinner that evening, stirred a twinge of anxiety. There was a real possibility that I might not join them…”