Armchair Travel for April in BATW Magazine

From Fiji to Mexico, hoodoos to temples, chefs to poets, whales to lizards – kick back for virtual ventures on BATW’s online magazine.

Journey to the Temple of the Tooth in Sri Lanka, to Amsterdam’s maze of canals and bridges, and to find a special lizard in Fiji on the BATW online travel magazine, BATW Stories of Culture, Travel & the World.

You can also armchair travel to a British castle, find pozole in Mexico, drive coastal (and whale-watching) roads along Big Sur and in Washington State. Relive a quirky layover in Chicago, or head into the most distant oddball reaches of Nevada – all courtesy of fellow members Laurie McAndish King, Lee Daley, Diane Covington Carter, Carole Terwilliger Meyers, Carol Canter, David Laws, Erin Deinzer, M.T. Eley, and April Orcutt.

BATW Stories of Culture, Travel & the World:

Due to Medium’s (the host site) quirks, USE LINKS FROM THIS PAGE to all stories:

And remember to submit your own stories for the May 1st edition by Apr. 10th. Submission guidelines at:

Enjoy your armchair adventures!

– April Orcutt


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