BATW has Booth at Berkeley’s Bay Area Book Festival

BATW has a booth again this year at The Bay Area Book Festival. The popular fair in downtown Berkeley is a high profile event for our organization, and member Elaine Lee is coordinating our participation on Sunday, June 2. BATW volunteers include Anne Breedlove, Bob Cooper, Alec Scott, Shelly Rivoli, Lalit Kumar, Susan Alcorn and Ruth Carlson. Andrea Granahan and Lisa Alpine will fill in as needed.

The 10th annual festival gives BATW authors an opportunity to not only sell their books but sell BATW as well. “The BATW anthologies and all member books will be advertised through a handy flyer with QR codes linking directly to their respective pages on the site, where books can be bought online. Flyers also include a QR code for folks interested in joining BATW,” says Lee. Thank you to Elaine Lee and everyone involved!


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