Camille Bounds celebrates 90 years of adventures

By Diane LeBow, BATW President emerita
Feisty Wonder Woman, Camille Bounds, longtime BATW member, recently turned 90, but she leads the way for all of us in her activity level and engagement with life. Born in Winnipeg, Canada, raised in Montreal, graduated from McGill University, Camille wrote for Sunrise Publications for many years as well as military papers and UPI . Sunrise sent her all over the world to cover stories: Australia, Thailand, India, Africa and more.  She outlived two husbands. When she was only seventeen, she married the first one. He was a professional juggler and proposed by saying: “Learn to juggle and I’ll marry you.”
Early on she studied dance and performed with the American Ballet Company. Camille appeared on Broadway in productions of Carousel, Paint your Wagon, and Oklahoma. Her fairy tale life included a key role as the pink fairy in a Hawaiian children’s TV program. She reports that at that time pink was considered too politically subversive and they switched her description to the “blue fairy.” At age 50, Camille earned her pilot’s license and at 80 climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro!

Camille Bounds continues in her position as the theater columnist for the Morgan Hill and Gilroy Life newspapers. Her life still is full of adventures.  She always has what she calls a “boy toy” on her arm. (They escort her to events, drive, and help her with odds and ends. Somehow they are always hunks!) She must be on to something as to this day she claims she’s never had a flu shot or a cavity and always follows the Golden Rule.

BATW is proud to include Camille as one of our amazing members. Congratulation and here’s to many more joyful and adventurous years for you.
I’m sure Camille would enjoy hearing from BATW members.  bounds17@gmail,com.


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