Category: From the Board

A message from the incoming BATW Co-Presidents Molly Blaisdell and Tom Wilmer.
Suzie Rodriguez reports our latest news – in her final column as BATW President.
BATW Executive Director Jim Gebbie adds enticing details for our upcoming holiday event.
President Suzie Rodriguez details all the exciting BATW news, from contests to elections – and more.
Treasurer Wendy VanHatten dishes on October and November events.
Corporate/General Member Molly Blaisdell challenges members to help build our organization.
Membership Chair Tom Wilmer encourages recruitment of new-generation writers.
Bill Scull, who leads our photo workshop in July, offers new program details.
Janet Wilson, Credential Coordinator, details BATW’s new credentialing process.
Ashok Khanna, Board member at large, dishes on Yosemite and our upcoming BATW event.