Ethics in Journalism: A BATW Zoom Event on Oct. 26

BATW’s Nora Heston Tarte will lead this informative discussion on exploring media ethics as it relates to the travel journalism industry. This presentation, moderated by our own April Orcutt,  will cover topics rooted in philosophy that help each of us create our own inner ethical compass when it comes to pitching and publishing assignments. Look for your Zoom invitation via email.


Nora Heston Tarte is a professor of journalism and a travel, food/beverage and lifestyle writer based in Reno, Nev. She grew up in Livermore where she jump-started her journalism career writing columns for Bay Area News Group.
Since then, Nora has become the travel editor and managing editor of San Joaquin Magazine, where she writes a monthly travel feature for the publication. She also writes travel pieces for BANG’s Eat, Drink, Play, Sacramento Magazine, Tahoe Quarterly, This Is Reno and more, as well as lifestyle pieces for publications including Diablo Magazine and 65 Degrees.
Her specialties include U.S. destination features, road trip stories, California wiking, (wine/hiking) California travel, Mexican getaways, West Coast travel, Colorado destinations, winery stories and more. She also teaches writing courses and media ethics at University of Nebraska, Lincoln remotely.


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