February 10 Meeting: WordPress Website Workshop on Zoom

A personal website is an indispensable tool to the modern writer: it allows you to be found, self-publish, send out newsletters and validate your profile when pitching to editors. Setting one up is surprisingly easy, free and convenient – and is the subject of our February 10 meeting from 5:00 -6:15 p,.
Board member Matthew Eley will introduce BATW members to the gold standard of personal sites, WordPress, and show you how to set up your own website, complete with a blog and contact page, in just over an hour. While this website can go on to be integrated with personal email, store and more, Matthew will cover the essentials:
– Setting up a personal blog that actually looks good
– “SEO” — what it means and how to get more of it
– Photographs — dos and don’ts
– Bylines page — how to properly set catalogue your past work
– Contact page — the poor man’s email address
– Mobile-friendly sites — how get iPhone ready sites without even trying
For those looking to have more advanced features, Matthew will be give a Q&A, time allowing, as well as be available via email to help with acquiring personalized URLs (“www.yourname.com”) and email addresses, uploading videos and more.”


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