From the Board

By Alec Scott

We’ve received 59 text submissions for the anthology. Jim Gebbie has sent those out for assessment by 11 judges, with each entry getting read by multiple judges. On the visual side of things, Jim Shubin reports that 40 of us submitted photographs, images either to accompany a story or, with captions, to tell their own. We’re hoping there’s a cover photo among those. Shubin has also kindly agreed to oversee the design of the book.

If you have questions or concerns about the project, the volunteer committee working on it includes, Judith Horstman, Karen Misuraca, Alec Scott and Amy Sherman. Our thanks to Lee Daley and Erin Caslavka for help in finding the judges, and to Lee, Erin, Jules Older, and Suzie Rodriguez for valuable feedback and guidance early on in this process. And most especially, thanks to the Jims, Gebbie and Shubin, for managing the submission process. Onwards. We’re still shooting for a December publication date, with a release at some safe, but festive mustering of this clan. 


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