From the Board

A salute to our corporate members
The BATW is thought of being primarily about its name: the Bay Area Travel Writers (broadcasters and photographers) Association: as a group of journalists that explain, promote and inform about travel.
But among our membership are the pillars that help support our profession and our passion: the 23+ corporate and professional travel business members of the BATW.
These members range from local and regional public relations professionals to international visitor’s bureaus, like Swiss Tourism. In many ways, these professionals provide the business engine that drives our business of travel journalism. Without our professional travel business partners, we journalists would have a much harder time getting information – and getting it published.
A few weeks ago, BATW members were treated to a smashing mixer and new-member recruitment event at the sky-high downtown headquarters of one of our premier corporate members, San Francisco Travel, with nine of their partner participants. (See Robert Bone’s article in this month’s publication). Just another way our corporate members support the BATW and our mission.
So here’s to all the corporate members, with a mighty thank you for all you do!
Judith Horstman,
President BATW


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