From the Board

And just like that…it’s the holiday season. With Halloween safely behind us, the hands of time spin quickly towards Thanksgiving and the many December celebrations. But before you don your party hat, there’s something you need to do – vote for your 2020 BATW Board of Directors. Responsible for the monthly meetings and venues, marketing, outreach and making sure our organization follows its bylaws, the volunteer Board keeps this prestigious organization running smoothly.
As I write this, BATW has 131 active members from the Bay Area and beyond. We still meet monthly (with the exception of August) and are still committed to encouraging excellence from our members as we cover destinations locally and around the world.
What can you do to help? If you are a General member, please log into the members only site on and click on 2020 BOD ELECTION. Take the time to read our candidate statements and cast your ballots for the team that will lead BATW in 2020. And please consider how you can help us with a few volunteer hours of your own. We depend on all of you.


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