From the Board: Amy Sherman on the new Editors Council

Bay Area Travel Writers has long welcomed journalists including writers and photographers as members. This year we have launched an Editors Council. Our goal is to attract editors as members. We will be holding an annual meeting for editors for networking and professional development and look forward to providing space for any editors who want to share their editorial needs within the group.

Like other professional organizations we are instituting a “no pitch” policy for meetings. Meetings are for networking, socializing and professional development, so feel free to introduce yourself to our editor members, but we request that you refrain from pitching them at meetings. This is to make sure editors are not inundated. Please feel free to share your business card or ask if they are accepting pitches and the best way to reach them. In the future we hope to have an online editor’s forum, where editors can share resources, connect with fellow editors, writers, subject matter experts and more.

Meet the editors—you’ll find them all in our membership directory. Note: Not all editors are currently accepting pitches.


Jennifer Boden, Editor, Best Wineries

Larry Habegger, Executive Editor, Traveler’ Tales and Attention Span Media

Deborah Kirk, Editorial Director, Diablo Publications

Whitney Phaneuf, Editor-in-chief, Via magazine

Sheree Williams, editor, Cuisine Noir magazine

Laura Levy Shatkin, Editor-in-chief, Napa Sonoma Magazine

Amy B Sherman, Editor-in-chief, Alcohol Professor, Cheese Professor, Chocolate Professor & Olive Oil Professor

Do you know a travel editor not on our list? Please invite them to join or please contact me or Ginny and we will reach out to them. Thank you.



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