From the Board: Our Meetings and Mission Statement

Mission Statements aren’t meant to be sexy. They’re meant to be carefully-crafted words that represent the ideals and goals of an organization. Our number one goal in BATW is to support the development of members’ professional skills.

How are we doing this? Log in to the members only side of and take a look at our calendar of events for 2022. On February 10th, board member Matthew Eley leads us in a WordPress workshop, sharing his skills as a website developer so that each of us can broaden our reach and enhance our internet presence.

On March 19, Pat Meier Johnson teaches us a skill she has cultivated over a lifetime…working with watercolors to capture travel landscapes. Pat’s work is stunning and she often shares it with our BATW Facebook group.

Here are the other goals of our mission statement:

  1. Support the development of members’ professional skills.
  2. Advance members’ access to publication, career, and business opportunities.
  3. Promote a love of travel along with respect for the cultural and environmental integrity of the places that members visit, write about, and photograph.
  4. Provide a dynamic, collegial forum for members to exchange ideas and information.
  5. Encourage the exchange of ideas and information between the traveling public and the providers of travel services and products.

Our upcoming meetings exploring Angel Island (April 3) and sailing on the tall ship the Matthew Turner (June 10) fall into several categories…and certainly promote a love of travel. And as we fill in the rest of the 2022 event calendar, we welcome your ideas for meaningful meetings that add value to your BATW membership.


Let us hear your ideas.


Here is your 2022 Board of Directors:


Executive Director – Ginny Prior

Board Officers…

Judith Horstman – President

Matthew Eley – Secretary

John Williamson – Treasurer

Members at Large

Alec Scott

Ed Walsh

Erin Caslavka

David Laws

Amy Sherman

Rosie Cohan

Corporate Liaison – Molly Blaisdell


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