March 16 Meeting: Niles Canyon Silent Film Museum

The Niles Silent Film Museum in Fremont will be hosting our meeting on Saturday, March 16, 2024. Guests are invited for $5.00. The museum is opening an hour early for us at 11 a.m. and the admission price has been waived. 

We will start the meeting with light refreshments and  a meet and greet followed by a short meeting and a showing of short films in the museum’s historic 100-seat Nickelodeon theater. When the museum opens to the public at noon, we will be hosted on a tour of the museum and its treasured artifacts. Member who want to ride on the Niles Railway should look for information in their email invitation. 

About the Museum:

The museum is located in the heart of what used to be the town of Niles, before it became part of Fremont in 1956.  The once-sleepy town rivaled Hollywood as the movie capital of the world in 1914 when a young Charlie Chaplin starred in a series of films shot in Niles, including the classic, The Tramp. 



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