By April Orcutt
Congratulations to Marybeth Bond, whose letter to the editor of the New York Times has been published online and also appeared in the print edition on April 4. The letter and link are printed below:

To the Editor:

The world is a precarious place, but women will continue to travel alone and with one another, especially the baby boomers, who have more disposable income and time.
Solo travel is a transformative experience for both men and women. Lifelong friendships are often a result. It is the responsibility of every traveler to research cultural dynamics and safety tips before departure.
There is an imperative for countries to make travel safer for them. The opportunity for government educational programs, the tourism industry and grass-roots efforts, along with new products and services, is big. High-profile international food and beverage chains might want to consider the value of supporting solo travelers with safety tips on their cups.
Marybeth Bond
Rhonda Geraci
Ms. Bond is the author of “Gutsy Women.” Ms. Geraci is a brand consultant.
Also, two years ago the New York Times profiled Marybeth, with the lead of the story being “Marybeth Bond was a pioneer in women’s travel long before books like “Eat, Pray, Love” made the concept popular. . . . ”
That story, “Advice for Women on the Road,” is at:
Congrats, again, to Marybeth!


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