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BATW Corporate Member David Perry got great placement on a recent article about his new book Upon This Rock. “Nothing like opening your mailbox and inbox after a business trip,” he says, “to find that I’m sharing [the] page with Betty White for my award-winning mystery thriller Upon This Rock: this month’s “must read” from the national version of Metrosource Magazine.”

Hawaii-based BATW freelance writer Natasha Bourlin published a piece on SF Gate last month, detailing the surprise she found when moving to Hawaii. In it, she shares her story of heartbreak and how it drove her to a new life in paradise, one that was even more affordable than Reno/Tahoe, her former home. Read it here.

BATW’s Pat Meier-Johnson has been named Sonoma’s Treasured Artist for 2022. In last month’s article in the Sonoma Index-Tribune, Pat was described as “not only an extraordinarily fine artist,” but one who “also shares that art to serve the needs of others.” You can read all about Pat’s distinction here.


Photo courtesy of (Robbi Pengelly/Index-Tribune)


BATW’s Jules and Effin Older published a recent article on the travel website on three “Undiscovered (by us) Winter Escapes”. Click here to read the article by Jules and the accompanying photos by Effin.

And… we end on a sweet note from BATW Board member David Laws. “In 2012, I organized a BATW meeting at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. After the meeting, Camille Bounds (BATW Emeritus member) donated a holiday wreath made from IBM punched cards to the museum.  She made these in the 1960s and sold them in a supermarket parking lot to help pay her husband’s college tuition. In a “Mysteries & Curiosities” supplement to the San Jose Mercury News, recently, museum senior curator Dag Spicer described Camille’s wreath as “one of his favorite” artifacts in the collection.”




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