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Laurie McAndish King is thrilled to have broken in to the WAPO with her article “Forget what your mom said: Talk to strangers on vacation.” She mentions that WAPO’s “The Upgrade” is looking for short articles about travel tips and hacks from travel professionals; here’s how to submit.

Laurie’s also quite happy with the Jumping Frogs of Calaveras County podcast segment she filed with NPR’s Journeys of Discovery. If you haven’t already checked it out, you can use the link above.

Diane LeBow’s Dancing on the Wine-Dark Sea: Memoir of a trailblazing woman’s travels, adventures, and romance, has received a Five Star Review from Readers’ Favorite. Here is the review, calling the book a “heartfelt and emotionally stirring work, takes us on a powerful journey that traverses many different lands, in which she learns about empowering others, expanding her heart and mind, and engaging in meaningful and passionate encounters with other people. What results is an inspiring book about grabbing all that life has to offer you and celebrating it. LeBow leaves no stone unturned and no question unanswered in this wonderfully open, honest, and vivid account of pursuing an adventurous and exciting life, and learning a lot of lessons about balance and happiness in the process. There is something for everyone in the varied and thrilling experiences the author recounts.”

Ginny Prior published travel articles in August in Diablo Magazine and two Los Angeles area publications – Ventura Blvd. and South Bay Magazines. Her article topics were One Fine Weekend in Moss Landing and a roundup of resorts that pamper pets and people. Read them here.


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