In yet another example of collaboration among BATW members, Amy Sherman has published Rosie Cohan’s article on cheeses used in Turkish breakfasts. It’s a yummy feature that can be found at

Ed Walsh and Judith Horstman have both published recent features on Treasure Island based on our BATW Board visit to Gold Bar Whiskey and Mersea Restaurant. Judith collaborated with photographer John Williamson on her article in print, only, in Montclair Living, Piedmont Living and Berkeley Hills Living Magazines. You can read Ed’s article here.

Ginny Prior published a travel column in print in the Hills Newspapers and online in the East Bay Times, last month, based on the BATW’s visit to the Presidio. This gem of a national park – one of the nation’s smallest –¬† also features one of the most photographed structures on earth. Read the article here.

Corporate member Laura Fairweather thanks the Bay Area Travel Writers for joining forces with Switzerland Tourism in December for the BATW holiday party. She says the BATW socks she was gifted came in handy during her visit to Alberta.


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