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BATW members did well in the 2023 Travelers’ Tales SOLAS Awards:

Rosie Cohan’s “Reconciliation” won a silver in the Travel and Healing category.
Laurie McAndish King‘s “The Treatment of Dead Enemies” won a gold in the Most Unforgettable Character category; her “Chindogu and the Origin of the Selfie Stick” won a bronze in Travel and Shopping; and her “Metamorphosis in La Guácima” won an honorable mention.
MJ Pramik’s “Down in the Mine” won a silver in  the Travel and the Environment category; her “Food for Thought” won a bronze in the Travel and Food category.

Alec Scott’s “The Last Days of Butterfly Town” won a gold in the Travel and the Environment category. He credits  a great editor on the piece, Katie O’Reilly. “Turns out the Pacific Grove local who’s spent the last 30 years observing the butterflies was right — they’d be back — and many of the experts (“The Western Migration is over”) were wrong. Not that the butterflies are out of danger,” he said. “Bigger picture: The piece speaks to the Insect Apocalypse — Monarchs being particularly charismatic representatives of the struggling pollinators.”
Anne Sigmon’s “In the Garden of the Fox” won a gold in the Travel and Healing category.
Erin Deinzer published her story on Slovenia as a destination for meetings in the industry publication  BizBash.
Lina Broydo published two articles in March, one in LaOferta, the #1  Spanish bilingual publication in the U.S. and
one in Kstati, the online site for Russian American news and views.
Ginny Prior published an article on Merced- the Gateway to Yosemite –  in the online version of the Mercury News and East Bay Times in March.


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